Swissvax Best of Show Wax (50ml or 200ml)


Swissvax Best of Show is a famous and popular concours-wax and awarded classic wax.

Its formulation includes a 51 Vol. % of pure yellow Brazilian Grade One Carnauba wax providing an outstanding gloss experience on all paintwork systems with a very deep and intense shine that also makes experienced concours enthusiasts speechless with amazement.

Before Swissvax Best of Show wax is to be applied, the paint has to be prepared with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid in order to ensure that the paintwork surface is perfectly clean and free of old wax residues and contaminants of old wax, acid rain, tar, insects and other remains and also to ensure that the wax can perfectly bond to the paintwork surface. 

Perfect preparation is the key to the world famous Swissvax finish.

Recommended for concours participants. a lifespan of over three months per application on a daily driver is achievable in the UK, this can be extended further if it is layered from the outset.

Not only does it smell amazing, it's easy to use, buffs beautifully and delivers a best of show finish!