• Meguiars Microfiber Finishing Pads. Size: 5 & 6 inch


    Meguiars DA Microfiber Finishing Pad is a purpose engineered system utilising microfiber pads and liquids for the best results.

    The microfiber finishing pad cuts through minor 7 medium surface defects with no swirls to leave the ultimate shine.

    It is an engineered foam interface for optimal cutting efficiency, and controlled conformability

    Machine Washable

    Pristine Detail manufacture 3" (75mm), 2" (50mm) & 1.2" (32mm) pads. 

    Also available are pads for the Rupes ibrid nano in sizes: 1.4" (36mm) & 2.2" (55mm) variations.

    Now you can get the same great finishing finese in those tight areas you couldn't reach before.

    Angelwax polishes: Fantastic performance, low dust levels & a superb finish. Used & loved by top detailers world wide.

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