Lusso Premium Drying Towel 70cm x 40cm

£9.50 £8.45

This Luxury Drying Towel features a super soft, ultra-deep, 80:20 (polyester:polyamide) 1400 g/m² split weave microfiber construction that is capable of absorbing many times its own weight in water.

Perfect for routine drying duties because the pile length is extremely generous but doesn't make the towel difficult to fold, while the edges are bound in ultra-soft silk to prevent them from linting and fraying over time. Each towel is bagged on the production line and supplied free of any sewn-in or stuck-on labels, this helps to eliminate a potential of marring to your cars paint.

Its generous size means that you can dry most cars fully without needing to wring it out, while its ultra-soft fibres, silk edging and tag-free design all work together to greatly reduce the risk of it inflicting fresh surface marring when it is drawn across painted surfaces. This makes it ideal for anyone who prefers wipe drying to pat drying.

Note that it should be machine washed before first use, to remove loose production line fluff.

Size: 70cm x 40cm (27 1/2" x 15 1/2" approx)