Angelwax Stripped-Ease Wax Removal System - 500ml


Angelwax STRIPPED EASE WAX REMOVAL SYSTEM has been designed to strip off any unwanted sealants and wax coatings from your vehicles paintwork.

STRIPPED EASE has been formulated for car enthusiasts who wax their car on a regular basis and who wish to try a variety of coatings as they strive to find the perfect match for their vehicle.

STRIPPED EASE quickly and easily removes all existing waxes, sealants and silicones to ensure a better bond is created between the paint and the newly selected wax or sealant.

Angelwax STRIPPED EASE is also the perfect panel wipe for cleansing paintwork after it has been machine polished, and perfectly prepares the surface for waxes & sealants.

Simply spray & wipe!

Top Tip:  For best results, clay the paint surface before applying Angelwax PERFECT POLISHAfter polishing, use Angelwax STRIPPED-EASE panel wipe before applying your chosen wax.

Due to contractual sales restrictions we can sell/deliver to the UK Mainland only.