Angelwax - H2GO – The Ultimate Rain Repellent 100ml/250ml


Designed and formulated to contend with even the wettest weather the UK has to offer, 
H2GO RAIN REPELLENT has been designed to create a hydrophobic coating on glass surfaces.

This surface coating prevents rain and other unexpected water from remaining on windows & windscreens making driving in in all conditions, including extreme weather, much safer.

Rain and any other water that does make contact with the surface of the glass will simply bead and roll off at speeds as low as 20mph making this one of the best performing rain repellents available today.

Although snow & ice will form on the vehicle’s windows when the vehicle is stationary, using Angelwax H2GO makes clearing the vehicles windows easier due to the hydrophobic nature of the rain repellent coating.

Windscreen wipers can last longer too, as they don’t have to be switched on so readily, as in light rain, because with vehicle speeds above 20mph, the water just beads off the windows keeping them clear.
(Note: It is the driver’s responsibility to switch the wipers on to keep the windscreen clear at all times)

Key Features:

·         Aids visibility in the wettest of road conditions

·         Helps to keep the windscreen (windshield) clear of water at all times

·         Helps to reduce wear on the vehicle wiper blades

·         Better visibility when driving in rain at night

·         Easier is clean windows/windscreen in icy or snowy conditions

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