• Angelwax Glide Decontamination Polisponge


    Angelwax GLIDE DECONTAMINATION POLISPONGE is the new concept in clay bar technology.

    Suitable for all paint types, Angelwax GLIDE removes tar, tree sap, fallout and contamination from vehicle paintwork, glass and wheels.

    This decontamination polisponge can be re-used many times compared with a conventional clay bar.  Simply clean it during and after use!

    An added benefit over clay bars is if you drop it just wash it out and continue to use it unlike clay bars where you have yo throw them away in case any grip becomes embedded in the clay and it scratches the paint.

    Glide is available in Small or Large size

    Directions:  Thoroughly wash and prepare the vehicle to be treated before use.

    Spray the chosen area with Angelwax ÜBER-LUBE, clay bar lubricant, to create an ideal surface for the polisponge to perform.

    Gently rub the polisponge on the affected area of the vehicle and Angelwax GLIDE  will pick up all of the contaminants from the area being treated, leaving the surface smooth and perfectly prepared for the next stage in your detailing process.

    With the Angelwax GLIDE decontamination polisponge you can rinse off any contamination in clean water as you clay the vehicle.

    After use, thoroughly clean the polisponge with warm water and store in its original packaging.