Angelwax Desirable


DESIRABLE from Angelwax started life as a very small 20 pot production run. This beautifully crafted detailing wax was designed to be a limited edition run which sadly, never materialised.

Angelwax were not the types to keep brilliant formulations to themselves, and, as expected, Angelwax DESIRABLE is no exception.

With durability exceeding 5 months, this formula boasts an amazing gloss with beading and sheeting qualities rarely found in a wax priced as modestly as ours.


Directions: Using a wax applicator, apply Angelwax DESIRABLE to a clean well prepared paint surface to one panel at a time and leave for a couple of minutes before removing with a clean, dry microfibre cloth.

Increase the depth of shine with Ti-22 spray sealant

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Due to contractual sales restrictions we can sell/deliver to the UK Mainland only.