Angelwax AG Silver Metalic Detailing Wax


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Angelwax Ag is the worlds’ first, hard metallic silver detailing wax and is made with the same chemical components that are used in the manufacture of silver vehicle paint.

Designed and formulated to enrich silver paintwork, Angelwax Ag adds depth and lustre whilst masking swirls, light scratches and minor stone-chips making this highly durable wax a ‘must have’ detailing product for owners of silver vehicles.

Due to its complexity, Angelwax Ag is manufactured on a limited basis and hand poured into 150ml tins in batches of ten. As with all of our waxes, Angelwax Ag is supplied with a quality microfibre cloth & applicator.

Angelwax Ag is a special limited stock detailing product so please allow up to 7 days for manufacture & delivery.

Available in 150ml and 30ml sample tins.

Application: Using the supplied microfibre pad, apply Angelwax Ag in a circular motion to cool, clean bodywork.

Allow Angelwax Ag to cure on the vehicle bodywork for no more than a few minutes before removing with the supplied microfibre cloth.

Due to contractual sales restrictions we can sell/deliver to the UK Mainland only.